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What is Yoga/Pilates Training?

Yoga is an ancient practice , over 5,000 year old, deisigned to increase the body's flexibility, strength and endurance. Pilates was designed to rehabilitate injured bodies.  By combining Yoga and Pilates with skilled instruction we are equipped with a powerful transformig approach. The result is a renewed body, mind and spirit.


​How does yoga and Pilates training fit in to my already existing training routine?

Yoga and Pilates complements any routine.  You may already have an exisitng training system, be it working with weights, at a gym, in your home or outdoors.  You may not be getting the results you were expecting or you may have reached a plateau.  Because Yoga and Pilates work from the inside out and include mind body and spirit, working this way will speed up results in all other disciplines and will help you to cross that plateau.  Yoga can be started at any time of ones life and never peaks out at a certain age.  The Yoga practitioner can expect continued progress for one's whole life.


Can I lose inches, weight doing Yoga/Pilates?

Yes! A common belief is that Yoga is too slow to burn calories. There are several factors that contribute to weight gain, not all of them physical.  Yoga works on the body, mind and spirit at a level beneath the surface. By practicing yoga postures the glands that produce hormones to regulate the metabolism are stimulated and stress is greatly lessened.   In addition, bulky muscles are streamlined, actually becoming stronger, longer and leaner.


When should I begin a Yoga/Pilates practice?

Right now! Time is of the essence. Everyday without yoga is a day wasted. There is no right age that is optimum to begin a transformation in your health.  95% of my clients notice dramatic results even after their first yoga session.  Why wait?  The time is now!



If you find yourself craving a tendue or grand plie from time to time then this is your answer.  Combining deep breathing with classical dance technique this class is the ultimate dancers' workout. The result: a beautiful "dancer body"  and a ton of JOY!

Private Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor


To maintain our exclusive service we remain a referral based company.  Your referrals are appreciated.  A free class is offered for each referrral.  Our thank you to you.

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