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Private Yoga Teacher, Private Pilates Teacher

Private and Personalized

Angela recognizes that your body is unique.  Your lifestyle and what you value as important is particular only to you.  Your session is tailored to meet your needs and to flow with your schedule.  Get maximum results and notice changes immediately.  There is no substitute for one-on-one private yoga.

Private Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor
Angela Eren


A Private Yoga Teacher since 1991, trained in different styles of hatha yoga.  Learned yoga at the age of seven. Lived for several months as a resident at the Sivananda Ashram in Toronto, Canada and in Los Angeles. Incorporates many yoga styles including Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. Each Private yoga session provides a fully integrated, cutting edge style that is both exciting and dynamic. The emphasis is on a whole body workout, complete cell oxygenation, mental relaxation and spiritual enlightenment.  Angela is a specialist in handling and healing back pain. A personal yoga class can also incorporate and help students use their physical therapy exercises in a more effective way. Back pain, practically an epidemic in western culture, is caused by a multitude of factors. These elements are investigated and addressed in the personalized yoga session.

Angela trained at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for four years which contributes to her having a vast knowledge of kinesthetics, muscle placement and body dynamics.  These are all key factors in the entire Relax2Yoga approach. 

The yoga movements must be connected and beautiful while at the same time creating a sound and healthful body.  Angela likes to keep the private yoga class interesting and fun.  It is important to enjoy your exercise of choice!



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