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I love my private yoga classes with Angela. I look forward to them. I started seeing changes in my body after only three classes. Its the perfect wonderfully peaceful exercise.- Kelly Preston/Actress


Wonderful and productive!- Bill Maher


John Travolta said; "My experience with Angela was great! It is alot like dancing!"


I'm in my seventies and I have more flexibility than most people in my office. Ive been doing private yoga sessions with Angela for almost fifteen years and yoga continues to be a challenging workout; there is always a new physical and mental level to reach.- Berta Gehry


Angela is a master teacher. I have worked with her at home yoga through my pregnancy and successfully lost all my baby weight! I continue to stay flexible and strong! - Paula Cole


I have a very busy life so I look forward to my private yoga session with Angela, it is my time to just be quiet. The gentle exercise has helped me rehabilitate an old knee injury.- Jane Semel


I have lived for most of my life with acute back pain. When I do yoga with Angela the pain remains at bay. I love the good feelings and relaxation that result from doing yoga.- Doreen Stone/Photographer


I lead a stressful life and have developed bone spurs from arthritis. I cant tell you all the benefits of doing private yoga with Angela but they are certainly physical, as well as mental and spiritual. I recommend it for anyone.- Carrie Paris


I have managed to slow the rapid advancement of my Arthritis condition with the help of doing private yoga classes with Angela. I am now a dedicated yoga practitioner.- Barry Lang


I run marathons. During a run I employ the breathing and focus that Angela taught me in personal yoga class and the run goes much easier!- Leslie Perlow


I am a musician who has had a history of lower back problems throughout my life. Ive been carried out of a studio on a door and have been to many chiropractors. However since Ive been doing private yoga sessions with Angela I have not been to a single chiropractor. The time that my back gives me problems is when I miss yoga and I dont sleep.- Eric Garcia/Producer


Angela's private yoga classes have been a great help in keeping me fit all through my pregnancy. Afterwards I was able to gain back flexibility and stamina much more quickly-shes been a life saver!-Trish Dexter/Fashion Designer

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Private Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor
Private Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor
Private Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor
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